Why upgrade your XRF analyzer?

The best new ED-XRF spectrometers can now provide five new levels of analytical benefits — and still deliver affordable costs of ownership. Take an advanced instrument like the SPECTRO XEPOS ED-XRF analyzer. You’ll see quantum improvements in efficiency and sheer performance!

Five reasons for upgrading to a next-generation ED-XRF analyzer

Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products – Analysis using an Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Energy-dispersive XRF conforms to the analysis processes described without the requirement of extensive sample preparation. Using optimized excitation and evaluation parameters, the technology provides detection limits that are sufficient for the analysis of most of the relevant elements.

Mitigating Matrix Effects with Advanced Spectra-Handling Functionality When Using XRF for High-Accuracy Elemental Analysis

For quality control applications, when the sample matrix is known or can be matched, a variety of standards-based XRF calculation procedures are available to compensate for undesirable matrix effects.

Elemental Analysis of Airborne Particles

Air pollution is of continual concern to industries, governments, and populations worldwide. Monitoring and analysis of the elements present in airborne particles have become the responsibility of many organizations in industry, government, and private research laboratories. Fortunately, modern laboratory-grade spectrometric analyzers are available that can handle these analyses.