Portable lab-quality analysis

Lab-quality analysis in the field or on the production floor


The new portable SPECTROSCOUT ED-XRF analyzers deliver much of the analytical power of top-grade laboratory benchtop analyzers. They provide fast, dependable, truly lab-quality results in the field or on the production floor – all at a surprisingly low cost. The SPECTROSCOUT analyzers provide exceptional performance, at wide concentration levels, for all of the relevant elements in the range of Na-U. SPECTROSCOUT impresses with unprecedented precision and speed making it the ideal portable XRF for onsite applications where results matter.

Available in two versions for field & offsite testing or laboratory & at-line testing

NEW At-Line

Lab-quality analysis right at the point of production

Forget long delays for sample transport and laboratory processing. The new SPECTROSCOUT portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer brings lab-level elemental composition monitoring and quality control testing right to the production line.

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In the Field

The lab that goes anywhere

Determining elemental compositions for mining, geological, and environmental field applications present substantial challenges.

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On-Demand Webinar


SPECTRO product experts provide a complete assessment of the technology and the unique capabilities encompassed in this exciting new instrument.

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