Portable lab-quality analysis
Introducing the SPECTRO xSORT

with improved performance for light elements


SPECTRO xSORT now sets a new benchmark for speed and productivity in handheld XRF spectrometers. xSORT enables high-throughput elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of almost any material. Its breakthrough speed, accuracy, and ease of use — now enhanced by improved analysis of light elements — make SPECTRO xSORT the essential tool for positive material identification (PMI) and the analysis of many types of pipe corrosion such as FAC or sulfidation corrosion. The design, performance, and simple operation of xSORT also make it ideal for scrap sorting. The xSORT Alloy model delivers grade identification for most alloys in 2 seconds. And with the even more powerful xSORT AlloyPlus, alloys containing difficult light elements such as aluminum, magnesium silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur can be identified in only 7 seconds!

The Incomparable SPECTRO xSORT

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