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SPECTRO XEPOS takes lube oil analysis to the limits at Q8Oils

When it comes to quality control testing for petrochemical facilities, the right analyzer is a necessity.

More and more plants are finding that their needs can be met by a next-generation energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer such as the SPECTRO XEPOS.

It delivers an average 3x lower limits of detection compared to previous models. And its design incorporates quantum-leap improvements in excitation, detection, and calculation — which all help yield 3x greater precision. It can analyze more elements, and handle wider ranges of sample concentrations. Its redesigned software offers exceptional ease of use. And it provides up to 10x greater sensitivity than older analyzers. This gives users the choice to either cut many analysis times from 6 minutes to 60 seconds, or to choose longer analyses for better precision.

With SPECTRO XEPOS’s state-of-the-art ED-XRF technology, these results often equal those of a wavelength-dispersive WD-XRF (WD-XRF) spectrometer. But at a significantly lower cost of investment and ownership!

A new case study shows see all these advantages and more at work when the world’s seventh-largest oil producer — Q8Oils — applied a SPECTRO XEPOS analyzer at its Antwerp lube oil blending plant.

Download this study to help find out the difference it can make in your operation.

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