Spectacular sensitivity and significantly lower detection levels

Compared to previous models, this latest generation of SPECTRO XEPOS analyzers dramatically improves sensitivity — often by 10× or even more! The difference: SPECTRO innovations in adaptive excitation plus tube and detector technologies.

Three generations of SPECTRO XEPOS: sensitivity trending ever upward.

This exceptional sensitivity contributes to boosting precision as well as realizing significantly lower detection levels. So according to need, users get fast and accurate analysis of a wide range of elements, from sodium to uranium. View this short video to see a visualization of adaptive excitation.

Unparalleled precision

Unlike most ED-XRF analyzers, SPECTRO XEPOS has always kept its X-ray tube powered on between measurements, preventing on/off temperature variations from affecting readings. This improves long-term stability, and leverages the instrument’s amazing sensitivity to realize the highest possible degree of precision in elemental analysis — up to 3× better than before. It substantially improves analytical accuracy for concentrations from trace elements to major components.

Excellent long-term stability: Glass sample analyzed 35x over the course of 7 days.

On-Demand Webinar

Elemental Analysis of Liquid Petroleum Products with a Focus on ED-XRF Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the different elemental analysis techniques that can be used for petrochemical products. The discussion includes a detailed description of the method setup for five applications using a next generation ED-XRF instrument.

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On-Demand Webinar

High Precision Elemental Analysis Using an ED-XRF Spectrometer SPECTRO XEPOS

New developments in excitation and detector technology now enable a new generation of ED-XRF spectrometers to offer precision and accuracy at a substantially lower investment and operating cost.

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On-Demand Webinar

The Rise of ED-XRF: Key Technology Advancements and Implications for Your Analyses SPECTRO XEPOS

Look closely at what is possible today for some typical applications.

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