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The Rise of ED-XRF: Key Technology Advancements and Implications for Your Analyses

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF) is still sometimes seen as a technique that only permits a qualitative statement or that is able to quantitatively determine the contents of just a few elements. But this doesn’t correspond to today’s reality: Technological advancements enable much higher element-specific measurement sensitivity with some of the newer ED-XRF instruments. Therefore the achievable detection limits, precision, and accuracy of analyses has been drastically improved.

Combined with typical XRF advantages – simplicity, minimal sample preparation, non-destructive testing, and others – ED-XRF is now recognized by experts as an efficient, proven, and successful analytical method. It is the perfect analytical solution for a wide range of applications. This presentation examines the newest developments in ED-XRF analysis and looks closely at what is possible today for some typical applications.

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