A breakthrough in the elemental analysis of unknown samples

A dramatically improved, even more flexible version of a best-in-class SPECTRO software tool, TurboQuant II provides superb analysis of unknown samples.

TurboQuant II is unmatched at screening unknown samples for elements from sodium to uranium, without extensive setup. And it now handles an even greater range of samples — including any type of liquids, powders plus solids from tree leaves to plastics, granite to glass — with a single calibration. Check out this correlation of analyses of cadmium in various matrices.

Superb analysis of unknown samples

This revolutionary software takes full advantage of new SPECTRO XEPOS benefits. It conquers matrix effects (even at low concentration levels), achieves breakthrough speed and precision, and handles previously impossible applications. So TurboQuant II supplies screening results in a few minutes.

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Elemental Analysis of Liquid Petroleum Products with a Focus on ED-XRF Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the different elemental analysis techniques that can be used for petrochemical products. The discussion includes a detailed description of the method setup for five applications using a next generation ED-XRF instrument.

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High Precision Elemental Analysis Using an ED-XRF Spectrometer SPECTRO XEPOS

New developments in excitation and detector technology now enable a new generation of ED-XRF spectrometers to offer precision and accuracy at a substantially lower investment and operating cost.

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The Rise of ED-XRF: Key Technology Advancements and Implications for Your Analyses SPECTRO XEPOS

Look closely at what is possible today for some typical applications.

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